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Event Guidance is the Industry Leader in Behavior Analytics at Trade Shows, Indoor/Outdoor Events, and Mobile Tours.

Discover the true R.O.I. of your event by measuring over two-dozen behavioral metrics.

Validate or improve your event marketing strategy. Optimize your brand marketing. Live time data.  No Opt-in.  Greater statistical numbers than any competitors.

Event Guidance’s proprietary event analytics is a powerful new marketing tool designed especially for experiential marketing companies. Using WiFi or Bluetooth technology, we continuously monitor the location of attendee smart devices – smartphones, tablets, computers, and cameras – with privacy always maintained.

We then provide more than two-dozen behavioral metrics – number of visitors to an event, their distance from specific event displays, dwell times, return visits, and nearly two dozen other behavioral analytics – in near real-time to event managers and brand marketing managers anywhere in the world.

For the first time in the event marketing industry, we provide objective value-per-view data with which to make decisions that continuously improve brand marketing – event-to-event, day-to-day, even hour-to hour – and thus increase return on investment in marketing strategies.

Event Guidance is enabling leading experiential marketing companies to deliver even greater value.

Proximity Trace is a trademark of Event Guidiance

Proximity Trace is a new marketing tool for event management companies to understand the impact and determine the return on investment of individual displays within an event, trade show, or mobile tour using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth behavioral analytics.

Proximity Frame

New from Event Guidance, Proximity Frame provides a deeper analysis of consumer behavior at an event, trade show or mobile tour. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based behavioral analytics provide insight to determine R.O.I. with unlimited engagement zone monitoring.

Proximity Map

Proximity Map provides visitors with point-to-point navigation through event spaces, buildings, and commuter walkways, while providing valuable behavioral analytics to improve marketing strategies and brand marketing.

Express Data Export

Express Data Export allows experiential marketing companies to adjust marketing strategies on the fly through near real-time, easy-to-read, graphics-based reports of all behavorial analytics generated by our Proximity Trace and Proximity Frame systems.

The standard Express Data Export (EDE) dashboard provides the most asked for comparisons surrounding brand engagement; however, the analytics can be customized to your specific need.

MyGuidance ™

MyGuidance is our new, first-of-its-kind, Agency Partner Program, granting a three-year non-exclusive, non-transferable right to experiential marketing companies to use our Proximity Trace™ and Proximity Frame™ software, dashboards, and related documentation to generate analytics for brand marketing.

MyGuidance significantly streamlines and speeds interaction between you and your clients as you implement data gathering strategies event-to-event, and even day-to-day within events.