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Indoor/Outdoor Experiential. Retail. Trade Shows. Casinos.

Ready to take your event, trade show or retail space to the next level with top-notch ROI metrics? Want to measure your marketing efforts for success?

Our Event Guidance Proximity Systems will optimize your brand’s marketing strategies with our powerful behavioral analytics.

If your company is appearing at a trade show or event, without the correct data, how can you determine if it was worth your investment?

That’s where our new marketing tool comes into action! It’s designed specifically for experiential marketing companies to accurately measure foot traffic, trends, and analytics.

Experiential, Trade show and Retail Metrics include:

  • Total visitors
  • Repeat visitors
  • Conversion rates
  • Zone-to-zone comparison
  • Average dwell times
  • Visitors outside the event area
  • Busiest times of day / weekdays / weekends
  • Total Views
  • Traffic flow

With our two proprietary systems, Event Guidance is critical to defining consumer trends – thus allowing managers to make data-driven decisions that continuously improve impact and increase their Experiential, Trade Show, Retail  R.O.I.

Our Event Guidance Systems:

Proximity Trace Provides Value-Per-View for an Individual Display

“Without requiring a consumer to opt-in.  This system is great for smaller events or retail end cap engagements. Just plug our Event Guidance Proximately Trace box in and you are ready to go.”

Proximity Frame Provides Value-Per-View for an Entire Event

“Without requiring a consumer to opt-in.  For larger experiential events, retail stores, casino floors,  we can monitor almost unlimited engagement zones with fewer nodes.  Additional features allow for added data traffic flows, event entry and exit points, security applications.

How Our Data Can Change Your Events

Whether your marketing at a large stadium or setting up food trucks, the ability to rank attendee interactions with your    company dramatically increases how you do business.

You’ve done the planning, set up your products / services, and now it’s show time … but without data it’s a guess whether your brand was engaged with at a level you’d find ideal.

Event Data Summary

Dashboards only tell part of the story.  That is why we created the EDS Power Point, so you don’t have to.  Customize it to fit your needs.

Proximately Trace “Event Data Summary” (EDS) Reports

Our propriety algorithms takes your trade show event data and converts it into easy to read power point KPI analytic graphics, allowing for an overall view of the event.  Get valuable insights into behavioral analytics such as Total Visitors, Dwell Times, Zone to Zone Comparisons, Passerby’s and More.

Consumer Entry and Exit Points. Visitor Engagements, Dwell Times, passerby’s, security features & more

Proximately Frame “Event Data Summary” (EDS) Reports

Our Proximately Frame Express Data Export (EDE) Summary provides a comprehensive deep dive into the analytics of your trade show ROI or Retail store ROI.  Our Express Data Export uses easy to read 3D graphics and metric reports.  This allows for data other systems just can’t match, including trade show and retail entry/exit points, traffic flow and security features where appropriate.   The insights you need to make your experiential events or retail floor better than ever!

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