Who We Are

Event Guidance is the Industry Leader in Behavior Analytics at Trade Shows, Indoor/Outdoor Events, and Mobile Tours.

Validate or improve your event marketing strategy. Optimize your brand marketing.

Event Guidance’s proprietary event analytics is a powerful new marketing tool designed especially for experiential marketing companies. Using WiFi or Bluetooth technology, we continuously monitor the location of attendee smart devices – smartphones, tablets, computers, and cameras – with privacy always maintained.

We then provide more than two-dozen behavioral metrics – number of visitors to an event, their distance from specific event displays, dwell times, return visits, and nearly two dozen other behavioral analytics – in near real-time to event managers and brand marketing managers anywhere in the world.

For the first time in the event marketing industry, we provide objective value-per-view data with which to make decisions that continuously improve brand marketing – event-to-event, day-to-day, even hour-to hour – and thus increase return on investment in marketing strategies.

Event Guidance is enabling leading experiential marketing companies to deliver even greater value.