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Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi in the Battle for Attendee Behavioral Analytics

As originally featured on Meetings and Conventions. Most people are familiar with GPS technologies that monitor their physical locations on the road, lake or bike trail. They became popular as standalone portable devices and are now integrated in most smartphones and tablets, providing step-by-step navigation for trips around town or around the world. The next [...]

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Dwell Time Versus Attendance, What Is Your Focus?

While analyzing data received at a recent event Event Guidance was monitoring, our client’s representatives and I started a discussion about the value of certain metrics over others. After pointing out how dwell times reduce as their booth area population increases, the question was asked, “Is our goal more eyes on the product or more interaction [...]

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What Football Can Teach Us About Event Marketing

As we prepare for the Super Bowl football game this Sunday, it seems fitting to look at the NFL for lessons on how we can improve our business. What causes teams like New England and Seattle to succeed at such high levels while others stay mediocre? What can we learn from these organizations? On every [...]

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