Tour events benefit from Event Guidance behavioral analytics
Proximity Frame Provides Value-Per-View for an Entire Event

Event Guidance’s Proximity Frame system monitors attendee traffic throughout an event of multiple displays.

Proximity Frame uses nodes placed throughout an event. Using trilateration technology ( the process of determining absolute or relative locations of points by measurement of distances using the geometry of circles, spheres or triangles).    The nodes simultaneously monitor each attendee cell phone to within 1 meter with no opt-in.  Superior analytics including traffic entry/exit points, traffic flow and security applications in certain environments. Privacy is always maintained.

  • Proximity Frame provides a deeper analysis of consumer behavior.
  • Proximity Frame allows remote re-calibration of spaces monitored.
  • Proximity Frame can track using Bluetooth, which allows the possibility of sending push messages to interested attendees.
  • Proximity Frame is easily scalable.

Powerful, Accurate and Secure

Powerful results are backed by accurate data. Proximity Frame is the most configurable, flexible and reliable product on the market. Make your business decisions with confidence.

  •  Monitor multiple event spaces simultaneously within your dashboard
  • Unlimited engagement zones available within a monitored space for comparable results
  • Remove employees and event staff from metrics

Measure Market Effectiveness

Use Indoor Analytics to gauge customer loyalty visits, location dwell times, new customer exposure, sales correlations, and overall customer satisfaction.

Understand & Organize Floor Plan

Use Proximity Frame to define space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers of entry.

Maximize Retail and Floor Engagement Spaces

Our data will provide you with foot traffic analysis, co-tenant traffic analysis, site-to-site comparisons, rent PSF optimization, common area optimization, and can ultimately lead to the most maximized lease and ad revenue.

Optimize Merchandising Strategy

Understand and optimize the impact when placing certain products, merchandising tables, or end caps in certain physical areas.