Industries We Serve

Event Guidance serves three primary markets: trade shows, indoor/outdoor events, and mobile tours.

Trade Show Events

Event Guidance serves trade show events in several industries.

We define trade shoe events as exhibits that cover more than 6400 square feet of event space – multiple exhibits attracting on the order of 100,000 visitors per event. Budgets for exhibits at these events typically begin at $500,000.

Trade show events usually take place over two weekends and the week between, and are news headliners for the cities that host them. Examples are The Detroit International Auto Show, Comic-Con, and CES.

For trade shows we typically install our geo-fence system, Proximity Frame™, offering tremendous flexibility in setting and moving – on demand – exhibit engagement zones. However, we have also had good success with our display-focused Proximity Trace™ system, working with the client to select which exhibits would benefit most from behavioral data.

Metrics requested by event planners for these events typically include total visits, total visitors, repeat visitors, average number of repeat visitors, average dwell times, targeted dwell times, dwell distribution, zone count, site-to-site comparisons, visitors outside the event area, and busiest times of day/weekdays/weekends.

Indoor/Outdoor Events

Event Guidance serves Indoor/Outdoor events in several industries.Indoor/outdoor events are typically tent based, and cover 400 to 1600 square feet (20 x 20 ft. and 40 x 40 ft. tents).

These are usually set up outside stadium and race track events, at fairs and festivals, and at concert venues. They generally run from one to a three consecutive days.

For these shows we typically provide our display focused Proximity Trace™ product, although we have set up Proximity Frame™ geo-fences within larger tents to provide the deeper dive of analytics possible.

Behavioral metrics generally requested by event planners for large tent events include total visits, total visitors, repeat visitors, average number of repeat visitors, average dwell times, site-to-site comparison, and busiest times of day/weekdays/weekends.


Mobile Tour Events

Event Guidance serves mobile tour events in several industries.Mobile tour events include food trucks, product sampling trucks, retail tours (like cell phone sales vans), and the like.

These events are often in one to several locations in a single day, and are best suited for our display-focused Proximity Trace™ system.

Self-installation of the hardware is available (saving cost), with system calibration completed remotely by an Event Guidance technician.

Metrics are typically used to rank tour stops – through attendance and dwell data – and to determine busiest times of day and repeat visitors.