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Proximity Map Serves Attendees While Providing Behavioral Analytics

Proximity Map Serves Attendees While Providing Behavioral Analytics

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Proximity Map Market AnalyticsProximity Map for in events navigation

Proximity Map provides visitors with point to point navigation through event spaces, buildings, and commuter walkways, while providing valuable market analytics to improve marketing strategies and brand marketing.


Proximity Map is a comprehensive solution that adds maps, navigation and analytics to your mobile strategy. Enhance the visitor experience, connect business owners with potential customers, and provide insight into visitor behavior using our indoor technology.

Guide Customers In the Right Direction

Proximity Map utilizes common indoor signals like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to help customers find their way in your indoor space.

Let Your Customer Search

Customers can enter room numbers, zones, areas, aisles, products, or other points of interest and get directions on how to get there.


Turn usage of your branded app into engaging insight on how people interact with your space.


Create virtual perimeters for special monitoring, security or marketing. Deliver relevant content to customers based upon their entering, dwelling or leaving a location.

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Location technology is transforming the way we think about our indoor spaces. Contact us today to learn more about how Guidance can provide data and directional technology to improve your indoor capabilities.