MyGuidance Agency Partner Program

Event Guidance offers selected experiential marketing companies a first-of-its-kind Agency Partner Program known as MyGuidance.

MyGuidance Partners can plan, cost, and install Event Guidance’s Proximity Trace and Proximity Frame behavioral analytics s on their own without preapproval.

  • MyGuidance streamlines and speeds the interaction between experiential marketing companies and their clients.
  • MyGuidance grants Event Guidance’s Agency Partners a three-year non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use Proximity software, dashboards, and related documentation.
  • MyGuidance allows Agency Partners to modify certain elements of the Systems’ dashboards.
  • MyGuidance distributes the use of the dashboards through an administrator dashboard to up to ten remote user locations.
  • Available analytics include start/end times, dates, targeted dwell times, hours of reporting, metrics viewable within the Dashboard, and more,
  • Agency Partners may quote their clients pricing for installation and use of the Proximity Trace and Frame systems as established in advance for the life of the contract.
  • The only requirement in advance of an application is a valid purchase order.