The HGTV Lodge at the CMA Awards and the PGA Tour’s Fan Zone each attract thousands of visitors.  Just how many and how do they interreact within the event space has always been a mystery… Until Now

Our client’s desired an increased understanding of consumer behavior through monitoring the KPI’s of engaged visitors, passersby, dwell times, and zone to zone metrics of both indoor and outdoor event spaces. This data is critical for determining their ROI and instituting meaningful enhancements.


Our new Event Guidance sensors (powered by Fastsensor Technology) are the most comprehensive sensors available passively tracking multiple smartphone signals to monitor foot traffic around individual displays with radius engagement zones.

Using our AI and machine learning algorithms, we provide a detailed analysis of the customer journey which empowers clients with new insights to create data-driven decisions that will improve future events.

Event Guidance technology uses multiple point trilateration to achieve over 95% consumer engagement and accuracy down to 1 meter. Best of all, our system requires no opt-in from the consumer, so privacy is always maintained.


Looking for the best analytics for your event or retail location? Look no further.

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