With the Super Bowl deemed one of the most watched American television broadcasts of the year, it brings flocks of excited fans ready to celebrate!

It is no wonder one of the leading experiential companies in the country wanted in-depth consumer engagement analytics for their outdoor display booth at the NFL Live event in Atlanta during Super Bowl week.

It’s estimated more than one million people were in attendance at this 10 day festival in 2018. With all those potential eyes on your booth, wouldn’t it be great to know just how many stopped in your area?


Our Event Guidance division has just the answer to provide those analytics!

Utilizing our “Proximity Frame” technology, we passively monitor an area to give data on Total Visitors, Repeat Visitors, Zone Engagements, Dwell Times, Path Analysis and much more.


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Using AI algorithms, we take this data and summarize the results back to our clients in easy to digest formats.