Texas Motor Speedway Task for Event Guidance:

Event Guidance was asked to help gauge the impact of several components within Chevy’s 300’x100’ marketing space. The goal was to create a more optimized space for future shows that draw in additional foot traffic and provide more customer data.


The Solution:

By creating a geo-fence around the 300’x100′ event area, Guidance was able to monitor how many people entered and exited the booth area day by day as well as hour by hour.

We also created interaction zones around 16 vehicles, a registration stand, and engine display. This allowed Guidance to record the same information for each individual section. With this data, we could analyze which vehicle received the most visits, repeat visits, walk bys, and longest dwell times.


The Result:

By knowing which vehicles receive the most attention, event staff can adjust placement to encourage longer walkthroughs and more interaction with product experts. With live analytics, adjustments can be made immediately as trends are revealed.