Event Guidance Behavioral Analytics Services

Services: Your Customer’s Journey With Your Brand

Indoor/Outdoor Events, Mobile Tours, Retail and Casino Behavioral Analytics

More than 80 percent of experiential marketing companies indicate the number one objective of a trade show, indoor/outdoor event or mobile tour is to increase brand awareness, not sell a product.

With brand awareness in mind, Event Guidance provides event analytics on which to measure brand engagement.

We provide value-per-view analytics – the kind of data to validate and improve your event marketing strategy.

Trade Shows Analytics

To get the most out of your trade show efforts, we have two options based on size and structure of your event or retail layout. Proximity Frame and Proximately Trace.  Both offer tremendous flexibility in setting up and moving around engagement zones on demand. It’s the most configurable, flexible, and reliable product on the market.

Our EDS reports on trade show attendance, store display engagements, and consumer tracking based on our event R.O.I. metrics.

Indoor/Outdoor Events

For indoor/outdoor shows – generally tented events – we typically provide our display-focused Proximity Trace product. Larger events often benefit from the deeper dive in market analytics provided by Proximity Frame.

Mobile Tour Events

Mobile tour events include food trucks, product sampling trucks, and retail tours. These events could be in one or multiple locations in a single day. They are also best suited for our display-focused Proximity Trace system.

Retail Stores

Understand your shoppers journey.  How do they navigate through the store?  Our software provides the information of how consumers interact within your space and displays.


Non-evasive analytics of your customers journey within your casino. How do they navigate the floor space from entry and exit points.  What are they interacting with?  Conversion rates from non-revenue areas to the casino floor.  Security applications.

Behavioral Analytics

Consumer analytics requested by event management typically include total visitors, repeat visitors, average dwell times, zone count, site-to-site comparisons, visitors outside the event area, and busiest times of day/weekdays/weekends. With our Proximately Frame, you can now get trade show and retail entry and exit points along with traffic flow patterns.

Contact one of our behavior specialists to guide you in maximizing the impact of your next event.

Event Guidance Proximity Trace for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi behavioral analytics

Proximity Trace is a powerful new marketing tool for event management companies to understand the impact and determine the return on investment of individual displays within an event, trade show, or mobile tour using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth behavioral analytics.

Proximity Frame

New from Event Guidance, Proximity Frame provides a deeper analysis of consumer behavior at an event, trade show or mobile tour. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based behavioral analytics provide insight to determine R.O.I. with unlimited engagement zone monitoring.