Proximity Trace Provides Value-Per-View for an Individual Display

Event Guidance’s Proximity Trace system monitors consumer traffic around individual displays at events

Proximity Trace places a single WiFi node at the center of a display.  It gathers data on the movement of attendees around the display by monitoring the location of their cell phones.  Privacy is always maintained.

  • Engagement zones of each node are custom to the needs of the client.
  • The system also tracks return visitors, dwell times, and more.
  • Placing guidance nodes within other displays at the same event, the system will track visitors that move from one display to another.
  • Event Guidance can place guidance nodes at retail locations to track how many event visitors appeared as retail customers.
  • Proximity Trace can also use Bluetooth, which allows the possibility of sending push messages to interested attendees.
  • Proximity Trace technology is easily scalable.

Understand Your Visitors

With the implementation of Proximity Trace, your visitors will begin providing data that can be used to better market a product or service.

  • Compare how many potential customers came within the viewing range of your display with the amount that engaged long enough to be considered an interested participant.
  • Better understand the ratio between event attendance, booth attendance, and leads generated through on-site staff.
  • Proximity Trace analytics provides details showing average dwell time, the number of displays visited by attendees, how many attendees passed without entering into the display area, and more (hyperlink to full list of analytics available).
  • Contact our customer service department for a consultation

Understand Your Space

Event space is expensive and optimization is key to a maximum ROI.

The ability to rank display interactions and placement can greatly influence implementation from event to event or even day to day. Adjustments backed by data dramatically increase customer leads.

  • Rank displays against each other by unique visitors, repeat visits and dwell time
  • Remove non-impactful displays to save costs or replace with additional high influencing items
  • Adjust display placement to draw attendees deeper within an event area
  • Move high-profit items near high influence display pieces
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Simple and Easy Setup

Sign up now and Event Guidance will set up your sensor, allowing you to start gathering metrics and learn more about your space as quickly as possible.

Professional installation is available with training for future self-installations.