As the industry leader in behavioral analytics for touring events, we are always looking for valued partners that result in win-win-win relationships.

Become one of Event Guidance's Valued Partners

What’s the win-win-win?

Our behavioral data gathering, analysis, and reporting systems provide the information you need to make data-based decisions with which to improve your events. A win for you.

Your sharing your goals and execution in the planning and staging of events provides us with the vision to continuously expand our deliverables. A win for us.

Your clients end up with increased brand engagement and thus improved return on investment. A win for them.

What are we looking for in a valued partner?

  • You are an experiential marketing company that stages multiple events for multiple clients each year.
  • Your typical event averages $160,000 or more to stage – including site fees, product specialists, displays, equipment, and so on.
  • You have staff that travel with the event and can set-up and breakdown equipment.
  • Ideally, your clients are looking to drive consumer traffic from events to retail locations.
  • Most importantly, you are able to introduce and profit from our technology.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk win-win-win.